An artist responds to the NY Times article on MFTA

"Without Veneer." (14" x 21") by Michael A. Fink

Michael A. Fink, an artist from Brooklyn, sent us a gratifying letter in response to our recent article in the New York Times. Like MFTA, Mr. Fink’s design company, Magical Designs, has provided art supplies to schools over the years. His letter stresses the importance of arts education for students. Here are some highlights:

The arts and performing teach an appreciation for what is beautiful and makes us think and question what we see and understand. Being trained in the arts gives students a methodology to approach tasks and helps them develop logical thought as well as a better understanding of each other. The arts provide tools that are of value in any future work environment and can open the road to what one will do with their life.

To all the artists and teachers who visit MFTA to get supplies for teaching in the arts–and for using the arts to teach other subjects, keep up the good work! Mr. Fink, thank you for your kind letter and generosity. -MFTA

"Having a Wonderful Time." (17" x 10.5") by Michael A. Fink

Images by Michael A. Fink are from his website.

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