This week: MFTA in the New York Times

Detail of repurposed magazines and stenciled paint, from YOUNITY Arts mural by Erotica in MFTA hall gallery

With articles in the New York Times and Boro Magazine, this was a big week for Materials for the Arts in the press.

The Times’ article highlights the way teachers use MFTA materials to enliven their schools: From special events like plays to their regular classroom instruction our city’s teachers not only take time out of their busy lives to visit MFTA, but also dig into their creativity to find uses for often unconventional materials.

The Boro Magazine article focuses on MFTA donors, noting recent donations from J. Crew, Marc Jacobs and Pfizer. The article asks readers to reconsider what they’re throwing away, just as MFTA does each day.

Susan Springer Anderson. “A Good Clean Education,” 2010. Wire, spic and span cleaning cloths.

Susan Springer Anderson, artist and MFTA alumna, was also featured in Boro Magazine. Her work, which reexamines our relationship to our clothing,  is currently featured at krisTEES boutique in Astoria.

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