Where to donate the rest of your stuff

We always hope that you can donate to Materials for the Arts but if you’re far from us or you have items that MFTA cannot accept, here are some alternative solutions.

Woman’s Day magazine, who’s a frequent donor of MFTA wrote a short article on where to swap/sell/ donate the items just sitting around your house. I found these on page 18 of their March 2011 issue. It was titled “Click Away Clutter”

Sell it at Gazelle.com

Get cash for old electronic gadgets. enter the brand, model and condition and the site will give you an offer. They’ll send you a box to send it in and you can either accept the money or donate it to one of about 50 charities.

Trade it at Thredup.com

Trade in children’s toys or clothes. Browse their listings and pick a box. Then describe the items you’re trading in and for $5 and shipping you’l receive your box and an empty one to send your items to them.

Donate it at clothingdonations.org

Vietnam Veterans of America will sell your household goods to thirst stores and use the proceeds to sippoert former members across the country. Search for the nearest drop off location or call to schedule a pickup.

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