Photos from YOUNITY hall opening

Thanks to Freddie Rodriguez for these great photos from the opening of the YOUNITY Arts murals at Materials for the Arts.


Information on YOUNITY Arts from their website:

YOUNITY was founded in New York City in 2007 by noted artists Alice Mizrachi and Toofly. After spending many years involved in the art world, they came to the realization that women artists do not have a properly-organized forum through which to disseminate their ideas to contemporaries and showcase their work to the public at large. The confines of galleries were too rigid and staid; the ‘white cube’ did not lend much room for personal expression and individual style. They wanted to create a place wherein females could tell their own stories in more universal, down-to-earth voices. They also wanted to build a stable community in which they could teach the next generation what goes into the process of setting up art shows and try to successfully spread artistic ideas. The organization’s name derives from its overarching concept of creating a solid group filled with unique, autonomous participants. Each member has her own flavor, and can retain that identity even in the context of a collective body. Thus, the concept behind YOUNITY was born.

Clark and Erotica




Crystal Clarity

Cece Carpio


Koveus and Beto

Erotica, Carey and Clark

Cern, Milli Rivers, Tatu, Lili Sosa and Alice

Alice Mizrachi and Jessica Olivera in front of AM's wall

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