Direct Donations Update: January 24th

Toyota Camry ’93

Item ID: 133906

Zipcode: 11354
everything works, engine’s good.

sewing machine: Singer Quantumlock Serger 14T967DC

Item ID: 133904
Zipcode: 10024


inkjet printer

Item ID: 133934
Zipcode: 11218



Item ID: 133925

Zipcode: 10007

latex paint

Item ID: 133894
Zipcode: 11214

white & beige gallon sized paints

phone system

Item ID: 133829

Zipcode: 10002
AT&T 955 Corded Expandable 4-Line Intercom Speakerphone with Caller ID (Graphite)

craft box

Item ID: 133571
Zipcode: 10023


typewriter: IBM self-correcting Selectric

Item ID: 130013
Zipcode: 10128

Go to and sign in to request for the donor’s contact information

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