MFTA donors LOVE recipient thank you letters

To our ‘shoppers’

Shopping at MFTA, photo courtesy of Bartram Nason

We thank all MFTA recipient groups for taking the time to write notes to our donors telling them how much they appreciate the free supplies. Our donors appreciate the thank you notes and we think the notes encourage increased donations in the warehouse. Here’s what donors are saying:

I have to say I have saved the letters and they are a really nice touch. They make me feel good. I’m an artist myself and always save all kind of supplies and fabrics. I always think I am going to do something great with them. Artists always see the possibilities in all of these items.

I really LIKE receiving actual, paper, letters! And I was SO happy to hear yesterday that one of my cherished work tables was being used by a CIRCUS! What could be better!
Thank you!

I am very proud to be able to support an organization like yours, I think it is such a wonderful program and we hope to continue to make donations this year!

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