Warehouse Update: We are brimming with new donations

We thank American Eagle for their generous donation of jewelry (2 pallets full!)

Show your NYC pride with this fabric featuring the city's seal

We still have boxes and boxes of party decorations from Macy's

These items and more are available for free to recipient members of Materials for the Arts. Non-profit arts and cultural groups; NYC DOE schools; social service, health and environmental organizations with ongoing arts programming and government agencies that serve NYC are welcome to apply for membership.

This week we said goodbye to our Sidewalk Catwalk mannequins, congratulations to the silent auction winners! Some mannequins are still available. Give us a call if you're interested in bidding.

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2 Responses to Warehouse Update: We are brimming with new donations

  1. Wow! That jewelry looks amazing. Good for you for getting AE to donate. It seems like there are still so many companies out there – especially retail – who would rather see their products destroyed or trashed, rather than donated & repurposed. I don’t know why they see that as “preserving” their brand. Well, keep up the good work!!

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