A New Year’s greeting from Executive Director Harriet Taub

Welcome to 2011. The New Year brings with it the opportunity to enact changes and set goals both personal and organizational.

Executive Director Harriett Taub organizes a box of donations. Photo credit Bartram Nason http://www.bartramnason.com

At Materials for the Arts we are meeting a number of challenges with a big, bold, positive attitude. While the economy sputters in its push to recover, we see more and more need from our member groups. Conversely, our donors are holding on to their materials a little longer, making our warehouse shelves a little bit emptier.  Here’s how you can respond:

  • Share information about MFTA with your family and friends in order to drum up some more donations.  The more people that know about MFTA, the more items will be available for our member groups.
  • Talk to your local merchants and see if they have items to donate.  Remind them that they will get a tax letter for their donations.

Your help goes a long way. We can only give back to you what has been donated to us.  If people are donating less, we have less to give to you.

Our goals for 2011 are to be proactive and help you find what you need. What we ask of you is patience, understanding and enthusiasm (which we know you have plenty of). Remember MFTA is more than just a resource for free materials. Please check out our class offerings and join us for the opening for our newly painted hallway on January 27th from 6:00 – 9:00pm.

– Harriet Taub

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