Livi blogs about her experience at MFTA

She’s teaching at a middle school in Brooklyn and is incorporating tips she learned here at MFTA! To see pictures of her student’s work visit her blog at From the Same Cloth

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” Another very important factor is this incredible class I am taking at Materials of the Arts. It is about the history and the art of fibers. We study fabric from the thread to the print… We’ve learned how to spin and dye our own thread (I’m one step closer to being a spinster, haha) to making various looms… It is heavenly to be a student again. To study the history and skills of art. The most wonderful aspect of it is, even with our studio time, everything we learn can be applied in the classroom. It is so inspiring to be in a room full of educators who want to play with threads, yarn and fabric!

Here is my current work in progress: a tiger from a swatch I found at Materials for the Arts. I finished a shirt today as well, images to come…”

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