Recipient Spotlight: East Harlem Tutorial Program

Here are two photos at the East Harlem Tutorial Program (EHTP) who received over 50 chairs from Tremor Media.

Tremor Media was moving their office and donated ALL of their furniture to organizations in need. They were able to donate to 9 different organizations including (Bk Style Foundation Inc, NYC Dept of Parks & Recreation (Ft. Hamilton Senior Center), PS 134 Queens, New York French American Charter School, and many more…)  through our truck pickup service and also through Direct Donations, which is our online exchange program.

The chairs went into the East Harlem Tutorial Program high school college prep program computer room…

and the TV studio for EHTP TV, which does a bi-monthly show on Manhattan Neighborhood Network.

Barbara, the Associate Director of Programs at EHTP wrote this in her thank you letter to Tremor Media:

” Last night, I visited our high school program’s site and was actually dazzled by seeing all those beautiful chairs at every computer station and around the conference table used by our college prep students and the seminar leaders who work with them. I think the students are actually sitting taller in these chairs—because they know that people like you in the business community care that they succeed…Our offices and classrooms are transformed, and the high school program space looks so professional and adult now!”

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