Donate your computers

Donate your Working Computer to us!

We have a partnership with Tekserve to get lightly-used electronics into the welcoming hands of NYC Department of Education classroom students and arts and cultural programs in-need throughout the five boroughs.

If you have a working computer that is 4 years old or less and are looking for a place to donate, look no further. Simply drop your working electronics off at Tekserve and Materials for the Arts will take care of the rest.

The details:

  • Fully working condition
  • Computers and peripherals, fax machines, copiers, DVD or VCR players, radios, cameras, and stereo equipment.
  • Desktop computers should include monitor, keyboard and mouse.
  • Computers need to be 4 years old or less.

Donors simply fill out their contact information and the value of their donation on our designated computer next to our customer service desk. A tax letter will be sent out upon confirmation of functioning equipment.

(info from

To see a list of other recycling events click here

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