Create a giant web with us at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2010 | Noon–6 p.m

puppets parade at BBG. [photo courtesy of BBG

Join the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens for Ghouls and Gourds: a Halloween Celebration on October 24th. Enjoy musical performances by Slavic Soul Party, Suzi Shelton, Moona Luna, and more. This year, the garden will be decorated in a farm theme complete with scarecrows, a pretend petting zoo, and a barn dance. Materials for the Arts will be there hosting our own workshop!

The day’s schedule includes the following:


  • SLAVIC SOUL PARTY: Balkan beats and brash brass
  • SUZI SHELTON: Sippy cup rock
  • MOONA LUNA: Mexican folk-rock for los niños
  • XYLOPHOLKS: Brooklyn’s own furry ragtime band
  • AFRICARIB: Breezy steel pan jams


  • MONSTER ON A LEASH: Make your own monster sidekick (or nemesis-if you dare). With Curious Jane Camps
  • THE EGG SHAKER SHACK: Make your own maraca to play in the parade.
  • PRETEND PETTING ZOO: Come meet our imaginary menagerie.
  • THE PUMPKIN PATCHWORK PROJECT: Grab a gourd and help build our giant pumpkin sculpture. With Urban River Arts
  • FIELD MOUSE MASKS: Construct a mask and transform into a mouse. Easy cheesy. With Puppetry Arts Theatre
  • THE WOOLY WORKSHOP: Spinning, weaving, and natural dying. Baaa! With Textile Arts Center
  • CREATE A GIANT WEB: Weave a part of the Garden’s wacky web using recycled fabrics. With Materials for the Arts: NYC Department of Cultural Affairs


  • CAROUSE WITH A PACK OF GIANT PUPPETS: Strut your stuff with our giant puppet posse.
  • PHYDEAUX’S FLYING FLEA CIRCUS OF FATE: Tiny acrobats hit the big top.
  • THE FESTIVAL OF THE VEGETABLES: The whimsical secret life of veggies.
  • LARGER-THAN-LIFE STILT DANCERS and MAGICAL CREATURES: Enjoy Mortal Beasts & Deities stilt-dancers as they prance around Cherry Esplanade.

CHILDREN’S BOOK BARN Bigger than ever! Meet today’s most exciting children’s book authors and illustrators as they share their work with fans! The lineup features new additions and returning favorites:

  • Johan Olander – Author and illustrator of A Field Guide to Monsters: Googly-Eyed Wart Flopper, Shadow Casters, Toe Eaters, and Other Creatures
  • Diane Muldrow – Author of We Planted a Tree • How Do Lions Say I Love You? • Somewhere So Sleepy
  • Selina Alko – Illustrator of I’m Your Peanut Butter Big Brother • Greetings from the 50 States • My Taxi Ride
  • Misako Rocks! – Author and illustrator of Biker Girl • Rock and Roll Love • Detective Jermain Vol. 1
  • Shana Corey – Author of Mermaid Queen • You Forgot Your Skirt, Amelia Bloomer • Monster Parade
  • David Gavril – Author of Chicken Soup • Penelope Nuthatch • Hector and the Noisy Neighbor

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Halloween Party At Brooklyn Botanic Garden

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