Featured Recipient: TRUCE: The Renaissance University for Community Education

Abishai Freeman from TRUCE and his shopping carts

A featured shopper of Thursday late night shopping is Abishai Freeman from TRUCE, an after school program in Harlem.

MFTA: How long have you been coming to MFTA?

Abishai: 7 years, I would really love to come to the workshops. AND I really want to come to the halloween party coming up.

MFTA: What is the best item you found today?

Abishai: the workhorses, wood. We find everything here, all kinds of stuff.

MFTA: What was the most interesting thing you’ve found here over the 7 years you’ve been a visitor here?

Abishai: A giant mask. We find a lot of school stuff, if you have a vision you can use it. I come for the paper supplies, paper is really helpful.

MFTA: Any current projects?

Abishai: Right now, we’re working on our fall cycle. We have a theater unit, art unit, academic component, fashion unit. The mannequins from Aeropostale will be used for draping. We have female mannequins but now we can use these male bodies. And the computers are for our academics. This really is the best unit in the city, it’s a great resource for our program.

MFTA: Well thank you for coming in today. We enjoyed having you as our featured shopper 🙂 And I’ll put in a good word for you for the 2010 Masked Marvelous Cocktail Party!

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