Fourth Arts Block (FABnyc) And MFTA Bring Reuse To The Streets This Summer

The reuse bug is spreading…

At a local meeting with elected officials and community leaders earlier this year, ideas were exchanged that focused primarily on promoting sustainability and community involvement. This prompted the staff over at Fourth Arts Block (FAB) , a neighborhood pillar and dedicated arts supporter/organizer in the community, to step up to the plate  in a big way.

After weeks of hard work, the culmination of their efforts have bred their first everLOAD-OUT ! reuse event  going on Saturday July 24th from 10am to Noon and then Noon to 5pm. After reaching out to local stakeholders they found tons of groups willing to participate and some were even excited about the opportunity to stock their own prop rooms with the goodies from over 20 local organizations throughout the East Village.

While entry is $3 for the public MFTA RECIPIENTS CAN ENTER FOR FREE ! ( just identify yourself  as a member at the front entrance)


Great opportunities for free materials should not be missed – so be there or be square !  If you have any questions about the event or the Fourth Arts Block feel free to contact Lauren Parrish at

Look forward to seeing you there !

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