Donate an Old Boom Box and Help a Community Rediscover Music

The Laundromat Project takes community involvement to new heights with an ambitious new piece, which central to it’s success, is a group of artists attempting to build a tower of boom boxes – this newest creation is engineered to bring community members together in a dialogue driven by common interest and sustained by musical inspiration.

The boom box tower will be used to create a local music and audio recording exchange between neighbors and friends. Their goal is to collect music from around the community over the next several months and eventually compile them into a single “mash-up” piece that acts as an extension of the neighborhood’s musical identity.

Even more amazing – the tower will become a community jukebox, so that anyone can walk up to it and play something they want to hear, sharing it with the neighbors and strangers alike.

I know , I know. Your burning with interest and have one question in mind:  


Answer: While they have collected some boom boxes – They need more! So if you have an audio unit sitting in a closet, garage or storage unit just collecting dust, this is a chance to give it a new life and a greater purpose – donate them to a worthy project that will benefit a great community and make artistic discovery accessible in a whole new way

To find out more about The Laundromat Project check out their website:

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