Materials for the Arts goes International !

Not too long ago some kindred spirits from Paris spent some time with us in the warehouse learning the ins and outs of our whole operation. While we were sad to see new friends go, their observations contributed to the creation of a similar reuse program, La Reserve des Arts, which is currently up and running in France. Their co-founders, Jeanne Granger and Sylvie Betard, describes the mission of their project as:

providing recycled materials to the cultural field, to create and experiment. Here, we’ll provide ideas, old and new, to think and progress.

We got a chance to speak with them recently when our executive director, Harriet Taub was interviewed by Maud Granger Remy of La Reserve des Arts for their daily news blog. It was a great opportunity to exchange information with our colleagues across the Atlantic about the work both organizations have been doing to ensure we continue gathering and distributing the materials our members need.

If you’d like to read the interview please click on the following link or just go to:

More to come this week so make sure to stay tuned!

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