Young Poet Reminds Us About The Importance of Safe Drinking Water

Sometimes the voice of a younger generation is the best spokesman for the issues of our day.

Case in point: young poet Jeffrey Weiner, a sixth grader at Horace Mann School and one of 13 winners in the New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection Water Resources and Poetry Contest, a 24 year old event that attracts entries crafted by 4th through 6th graders throughout the five boroughs. Their accomplishments were even noticed by the NYTimes:

..with only water and three related themes as muse – the water supply system, the sewage treatment system and conservation — students must let those creative juices flow.

We want to get inline and applaud these impressive youngsters. Hopeful their success will encourage more people to use the arts as a way of educating fellow NYers how important protecting our shared environment is. For a look into these mini-creative minds here is a piece of Jeffery’s work:

Treatment at wastewater plants must be quite quick,
To remove the pollutants so you don’t get sick.
In a mere seven hours, the job is complete,
Compared to weeks in nature to perform the same feat!

– Jeffrey Weiner, 6th grade – Horace Mann School

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