New Design Highschool sets the bar higher for “Street Art” with Rooftop Legends event

With schools having to make hard decisions in the face of upcoming budget cuts some teachers are refusing to simply let art programs go by the wayside.

On such educator is Scott Cotti, principal of New Design Highschool and regular Materials for the Arts recipient. In addition to using our program as a resource for free supplies, his school sponsors one of the largest annual street art shows in New York City appropriately refered to as Rooftop Legends.

Rooftop legends features artists from the {graffiti} cultures formative years as well as prominent artists from today. The schools open rooftop space-occupying an entire city block, becomes a living museum unlike anything else on the island of Manhattan

                                                  –  Rooftop Legends Blog April 2010

Just as equally fanastic is while this event celebrates the arts, it also raises some much-needed funds for their school’s art and design department.

For more information on this exhibition (opens this weekend, May 8th) click on the video below and if possible definitely try to come support a talented group of young artists.

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