An Appeal for Paper, Trim & Notion

trim & notion Old Paper Area
New Paper Room 2/10/10
Left: well-stocked shelves of trim & notion; Top Right: former paper section,fully stocked; Bottom Right: new paper room, needs help!

Dear MFTA Members, Supporters, and Fans,

Here at MFTA we are always talking about our constantly changing inventory. What’s here today might be gone tomorrow and you never know what we might get in the day after that. However, there are a few things that we like to keep stocked in the warehouse. Things like paper, trim & notion, fabric, and paint are all items that art teachers and professionals need a steady stock of to keep art programs alive.

Every once in a while we get low on these items. Back in the fall it was paint, so we put out some calls, got in touch with some donors who had not given in some time, and we got the paint room stocked again. Now it’s paper and trim & notion. Once again, we’ve been making calls, sending emails, but we are also asking for your help.

Donations are dependent on a number of factors, including the time of year, the economy, but most importantly they depend on knowledge. MFTA does not advertise heavily, most of our donors found out about us through word of mouth. So what do we need you to do? Talk us up! If you know someone who is in the paper, trim, or notion business, make sure they know about us.

In this day and age, a lot of businesses want to go green. MFTA is an easy way to dispense of excess inventory without adding to the waste stream, while also making a meaningful impact in your community. Click here to learn more about donating to MFTA and thanks for listening.

Yours in Creative Reuse,

The Materials for the Arts Staff

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