Direct Donations Dispatches

This week MFTA is pleased to bring you an odd combination of old and new technology from the Direct Donations list: Pianos and Computers! For those of you who don’t know, we do broker donations of pianos, but only through the Direct Donations list (moving pianos is a lot of work, and we really can’t afford for them to be brought to the warehouse when they would just need to be moved again). So if you’re looking for a piano, Direct Donations is the place to get one for free!

As for the computers, those can be a bit tricky. We do take computers into the warehouse, but only if it’s the whole shebang (tower, monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.). More often than not, computers end up on the Direct Donations list. These might not be full computers, maybe a monitor, or just a tower.


wissner piano Item# 123532 – Sohmer Grand Piano : Vintage Grand Piano needs a Home! Mahogany Sohmer grand piano, vintage but still plays well. Currently resides on Long Island, Rockville Centre.Item #119988 – Wissner Grand Piano : 5’6″ Wissner grand piano with a beautiful case and matching bench. Currently resides in Westchester (Hastings-on-Hudson).

Item #119032 – Brown Spinette Piano : Brown 20 year old spinette piano with piano bench. Excellent condition, just needs to be tuned. Currently resides in Chelsea (w. 24th St).

Item #119477 – Upright Piano : What a vintage find! 75 Year old Solid wood piano with scroll work and sculpted legs. Some keys do not work and would probably need to to be over-hauled in many many years. Great for a group that wouldn’t mind putting in a little elbow grease to make this beauty functional again! Currently resides on the Upper West Side (55th St).

Item #118185 – Piano : Large Upright Piano. Not a lot of information available on this one, better request it today so you can get the low-down from the donor! Currently resides on the Upper West Side (105th St)


Item #124299 – Dell Precision 350 Desktop : 75 GIG Hard Disk, 512 MB RAM/Memory, Floppy Disk Drive, CD-ROM Drive, USB, Serial, LPT, Audio and Ethernet Ports, Windows XP/SP3 and Roxio CD Creator 5 installed. All original system software included.

Item #123921 – Dell Dimension 4550 Computer System : 1 GB RAM, 2.53Ghz, Pentium 4, 70GB Hard Disk Drive, CD/RW burner, 15″ LCD monitor, Windows XP. Midtown West (45th St).

Item #123410 – Gateway Desktop Computer : Purchased new in early 2004. It needs a new hard drive, but otherwise is in perfect condition. Midtown.

Item #123313 – 3 Dell Optiplex GX280 Units : 3 Optiplex (Dell computers specifically geared towards education, corporate, and government markets), comes with keyboard, mouse, but NO monitors. Midtown.

What you should know about computers on Direct Donations: The only information we have on these computers is what the donor tells us. We don’t see them and we don’t check them. So when you contact the donor, ask questions, go see it before you take it, do not feel pressured to take a computer you feel you cannot fix. We can not guarantee that all of these computers are in tip-top shape, but if they do have problems, they should be reparable. Please be sure to let us know if you find a computer on Direct Donations that is completely irreparable.

Still don’t know about Direct Donations? Click here.

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7 Responses to Direct Donations Dispatches

  1. Amin Muhammad says:

    Please provide more info. on item # 124347 serial # 61212.

  2. Amin Muhammad says:

    Please provide info. on item 124347.

  3. Julia says:

    That item is no longer available. In the future, please request information on Direct Donations items through the Direct Donations list. Learn more here.

  4. Julia says:

    Amin, I tried to send you an email but it bounced back. If you have a chance, please email me (Julia) at or give me a call at 718.729.2015.

  5. Fred Allen Swan says:

    I represent a church in dire need of a grand piano – the “just about finished new church building” was burned to the ground on November 5, 2008 just before dawn following the election of President Obama. Local and federal officals ruled the burning a “hate crime”. Shortly thereafter three young white men were charged with the crime, those charged attributed their actions to rage and extreme anger at the thought of a black man being elected President. The Macedonia Church of God in Christ (MCOGIC) in Springfield MA has fought back, rebuilt itself and will have a grand opening in the Summer of 2011/ MCOGIC is recognized for its youth musical ministry -for over 60 years many of its youth moved on to successful careers in music, education, and a range and mix of professions. Please help us locate a sourse to donate a concert or parlor grand piano. God bless all of you……

  6. Fred Allen Swan says:

    The Macedonia Church Youth Music Ministries is seeking a grand piano. In the early morning hours of November 5, 2008, the multicultural church was burned to the ground by arsonist. Local and federal officals ruled the burning of the newly erected church a “hate crime” as those charged with the crime attributed their actions to their anger because a black man was elected President of the United States. The church’s youth music ministry is recognized for its successful development of youthful musicians in the gospel tradition. After the fire buttressed by an outpouring of support from elected officials, the general public and the faith community, parisioners at the church persevered and the re-building of the edifice will be completed in time for a sumer 2011 grand opening. The church is appealing to people of good will to help find a source for the donation of a grand piano by this coming summer’s grand opening. MANY THANKS

  7. Fred Allen Swan says:


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