Direct Donations Dispatches

This week we bring you a few highlights of items from the bowels of the Direct Donations list. Yes, I’m talking about the items that have been there for a few months, that you might have overlooked because you figured it was a fluke that they were still up. So this week we bring you a Coca-Cola vending machine, art crates, slide projector trays, and a few varieties of filing systems, all of which have been confirmed as available by the donors.

Item #118182 (actual item not pictured)

Item #118182
Coca-Cola Vending Machine

This would be a great prop or set dressing. It looks new and the donor was told it works (although he hasn’t tried it). The lock on the front is broken, but it could be replaced. It probably fits in a van and is conveniently located in Union City, NJ, just a short bus ride across the Hudson River.
Item #119418
Art Crates

2 crates each at 55 x 53 x31 inches, very finely constructed. Each crate was built to house (2) related display/storage units. Crates built by Design Dimension, Inc. in North Carolina.

Item 119418 - Art Crate (image not of actual item)

Item #119626 - Slide Projector Trays (actual items not pictured)

Item #119626
Assorted Slide Projector Trays
There have to be some people out there still using slides, and if you are one of those people, you probably need projector trays! Well here’s your chance: Assortment of KODAK Universal 80 KODAK EKTAPRO 80 KODAK TRANSVUE 80 KODAK TRANSVUE 140 KODAK CAROUSEL 140 *some of the trays are missing rings*
Item #123998
Metal Fold N Roll File Cart

Is your organization’s paperwork out of control? Get organized with a fold n roll file cart. Also available from this donor is a Crate-A-File system (Item #123999) and Steel Slanted Vertical Organizers (Item #124000).

Item #123998 - Metal Fold N Roll File Cart (actual item not pictured)

Don’t know how to use Direct Donations? Visit the Direct Donations Page for more information.

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