A/V Explosion!

The following items are available to be picked up immediately. These items are NOT listed on Direct Donations.

Sony U-Matic Videocassette Recorder

Advance Pixmate A-V Cart with Metal Cabinet, 25x30x26"

Sony SLV-679HF VCR

  • Sony U-Matic Videocassette Recorder, similar to the one here.
  • Sony SLV-679HF VCR, similar to this.
  • A-V Cart, identical to this one @ B&H

These items are all in the 10022 zip code (Midtown East). If you are interested in receiving these items please send an email with “AV Equipment” in the subject line, and your name and organization in the body, to jmetroATmftaDOTnycDOTgov.

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2 Responses to A/V Explosion!

  1. Yes, The Biko Transformation Center would like to pick the Cart and VCR/Recorders for use in our community center in Bushwick. You can reach me to arrange pick up at 917-517-8558, or, the e-mail.

  2. Julia says:

    Hi Marcia, I’m glad you’re interested in the items. I just sent you an email with the donor’s contact information. Thanks for looking!

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