Direct Donations Dispatches

Item #123716 - Mobile Medical Unit

A Terriffic Find for the Right, Creative-Minded Person!
Item #123716 – Mobile Medical Unit

You’ve probably seen these before, mobile units that move throughout the city providing medical care to underserved populations. This one is a 1987 Chevy Barth with 56,317 miles on it. It doesn’t drive well right now, the engine and hydraulics need to be replaced, but it could be parked in one place for cultural use. There is a cable for shore power (from an ordinary indoors outlet), or a generator could be attached as well. Interiors are clean and relatively new. Definitely needs an owner with some creative ingenuity to give this veteran medical unit new life!

Item #123611 - Dining Room Chair

Item #123610 - Table

This table might not look like much,but underneath that blue paint is some sturdy,high-quality wood!

Item #’s 123611 & 123610, 2 Chairs and 1 Table
They currently reside in Midtown (10018) but they need a new home. They might not look like much, but these pieces are sturdy pieces of furniture!
Item #123325 – Desktop Computer
This is a custom-built desktop computer with Windows Vista, free Comodo firewall and antivirus, keyboard, mouse
SPECS:-AMD Athlong x2 Dual Core processor-2 GB RAM-NVIDIA 7900 GT video card-250GB harddrive (x2)
Build in ethernet and sound
Currently resides in Hoboken (Zip 07030), but it needs a new home soon!’

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