Helpful Hints: Searching Direct Donations

I’ve had a few inquiries from folks who have seen Direct Donations items on the blog, and then had trouble actually finding the items on the Direct Donations list. While the Direct Donations list does not currently have a search feature, you can search a browser page (any browser page) using the Ctrl+F function on your keyboard (that’s command/apple+F for Mac users). 

Some of you may have noticed that every time I post a Direct Donations item to the blog, I include an Item #. So, say you are on the Direct Donations list, looking for that superbly awesome player piano saw on the blog, simply hit the Ctrl (Control) button and then “F” on your keyboard, and a search field will appear at the top of your browser. Type the Item # into this field (or just copy and paste it directly from the blog) and the listing will be highlighted on the page (see below picture). Since Item #’s are individual, if you type the exact item # you are looking for into the search field, only that specific listing will show up. Check the box, hit “Send Request” and you’re on your way!

Use the Search Function on Your Keyboard to find Specific Items on the Direct Donations List

You can also use the Search Function to search for specific words or phrases in the Direct Donations listings. Now if you’re looking at this, scratching your head and thinking, what is Direct Donations and how do I use this amazing service? then please visit our Direct Donations Page.

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