Direct Donations Dispatches

Item #123426, Acoustic Guitar (actual guitar not shown)

Item #123426
Acoustic Guitar

In great condition & it comes with its own case!
Currently resides on the Upper East Side (Zip 10128)

Item #123382
Antique Mahogany Aeolian Piano

What a find! Fully restored upright player piano. Functions as both a regular & a player.
Currently resides on the Upper West Side (Zip 10023).

Example of an Aeolian Upright Piano. Actual Piano Available not Pictured.

Item #123365, Mini Trampolines (actual trampolines not pictured)

Item #123365
Mini Trampolines

Ten (10) mini trampolines available in good condition. Perfect for a dance program!
Currently residing in Murray Hill (Zip 10016)

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5 Responses to Direct Donations Dispatches

  1. Sonia Diaz says:

    Hi, please let me know if the trampolines are still available…will be great for our youth program

  2. Julia says:

    Hi Sonia, the trampolines are still available. You should request them through Direct Donations.

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  4. Pat Farnelli says:

    Is the guitar still available? I lost mine in a house fire six years ago, never can quite afford to buy another. I have eight kids, five at home, all musical.

  5. Julia says:

    Unfortunately MFTA items cannot be used for personal/home use. Individuals cannot become members of MFTA, only not-for-profit arts groups, public schools, and community arts/cultural programs are qualified for membership (see Qualifications). Please check out our Links and Resources or for information on other reuse organizations that might be able to help.

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