Student Animations from Saturday Art School @ Pratt

Check out these cutout paper animations from students of Pratt’s Saturday Art School. The age group for this project was 9-10 years. Magin Schantz, who sent us this video, is a graduate student in Pratt’s Art & Design Education Program. Magin and other students in her program visit MFTA to find materials for their students at the Saturday Art School. Saturday Art School provides local youths with quality arts instruction from grad students like Magin, who in return get hands-on experience teaching art. Magin writes:

Part of our program offers the opportunity to teach in a laboratory environment called “Saturday Art School”. This program is offered to students from local schools who seek out extra exposure to the arts, and provides classes in drawing, painting, sculpture, comic book illustration, and much more. It is a wonderful atmosphere for everyone involved, and provides “on the ground” training for us young teachers.

Future art teachers like Magin are learning, as well as passing on sustainable practices by visiting MFTA for materials and using them in their classes. The MFTA Education Department strives to impart such sustainable practices on art teachers and professional through a series of hands-on workshops. To learn more about these workshops, visit our Education Page.

Thanks for sharing Magin!

For more information on Magin’sclass, go to her blog:

For more information on Saturday Art School @ Pratt, visit their website.

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One Response to Student Animations from Saturday Art School @ Pratt

  1. Monica says:

    Loved this! I will try to use this in a lesson, thanks again!

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