Walnut Desk & A Guide to Home Repairs

Item #122880, L-Shaped Walnut Desk (2 Views)

The beautiful desk pictured above is currently available on Direct Donations (Item #122880). Below is the donor’s description:

Custom made, L-shaped walnut desk with four drawers and two side cabinets with shelves. It is 59″ along the back and 59″ long on the extended right-angle section, which has a glass top. Both sections are separated for easy transport and are easily re-assembled.

There is also an 11 volume set of books on home repairs entitled A Customer’s Guide to Easy Home Repairs by Bob Anderson (Item #122899). Topics include Repair & Maintenace, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Lighting & Wiring, Masonry & Tilework, etc. Perfect for organizations looking to save some money by doing their own repairs, or as a teaching device.

An Example of One of Bob Anderson's Guides

Request these items through Direct Donations. If you are unfamiliar with Direct Donations, click here for an overview and directions.

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