TimeBanksNYC is Live!

Introducing  a fantastic opportunity for MFTA members! The TimeBanksNYC website is currently live. TimeBanksNYC can help leverage your services and barter them en exchange for other services. 

TimeBanks or TimeBanking is an idea that originated in the 1980’s. Dr. Edgar S. Cahn conceived the idea as an alternative economic system that would run on “Time Dollars” rather than traditional economic currency. The basic idea is, if you give an hour of service, you get an hour of service from someone else. Pretty simple, right? TimeBanks are networks, so if you could give an hour, say for example, doing someone’s grocery shopping, in exchange you might be able to get someone else to drive you to the airport, or give you an hour of Arabic lessons. The whole system runs on “Time Credits” (this was changed from dollars so as to avoid confusion with services exchanged for money); you receive Time Credits for services performed and “spend” them to receive services for yourself.

Why is this so fantastic for MFTA members? Well we know that transportation can be an issue for getting donations from our LIC warehouse to your facility. And we know that there are just tons of things on Direct Donations that you would love to pick up but don’t have the means to secure a truck or a van. Through TimeBanks, you could potentiall secure transportation in exchange for one hour of dance lessons, music lessons, or whatever you can offer. We hope you take advantage of this great opportunity!

TimeBanksNYC has neighborhood sites in each borough where members and potential members can speak with a live person, as well as their interactive website. A one-hour orientation and a short application are all that’s  required to become a TimeBanksNYC member. Visit their website to learn more.

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