Updating Your Wishlist

 So what is the MFTA wishlist? The wishlist is a feature on our interactive website that allows members to tell us their wants & desires (within reason, of course) for their organization or school. Need a piano? Put it on the list! Want a kiln for your after-school art program? Put it on the list! Need rehearsal space? You can put that on the list too! Want a unicorn? Well, you can put it in the note field, but who do you think we are? Merlin? However, we will keep our eyes peeled for one.

Okay, so you checked some items off on your wishlist months ago, and you never heard anything about it. You might ask, what is the point of this stupid wishlist? Well, we have little to no control over the donations we receive. We might get a donation of a kiln just days after you add it to your list, or six months later. In either case, when a kiln comes onto our warehouse floor or goes onto Direct Donations, we will notify you. So keep your wishlist up-to-date, because you never know what we’ll get in. Read on for more detailed instructions on updating your wishlist…

Step 1: Go to www.mfta.org and log onto the MFTA member area in the upper right-hand corner (your username is your email)

Step 2: Under “Get Stuff” click “Wishlist”

The MFTA Member Homepage

Step 3: Check boxes next to items you want, or type items not listed in the note field.

The Wishlist Page

Step 4: Click “Save Wishlist Items”

The Wishlist Notefield and "Save Wishlist Items" button

Your wishlist is saved! We will notify you when items on your wishlist become available.

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