Guest Permission Slips are Here!

As many of you know, you do not have to be a permanent contact on your organization’s MFTA account in order to come shop at our warehouse. All you need is that pesky letter of permission. There are probably a good number of you out there who have come to the warehouse with your letter, all set to take all sorts of stuff, only to find out that your letter is not on letterhead, or the permanent contact forgot to indicate “consumables only” or “all goods,” or forgot to include an expiration date. In all likelihood, we probably still let you shop but before giving you a slap on the wrists for not having “The Perfect Letter of Permission.” Now believe me when I tell you, those letters of permission are as much a hassle for us as they are for you. Which is why we’re pleased to announce that MFTA permission slips are now available! Click here to go to the website and download one! Simply print, fill it out, and have the appropriate representative from your organization sign off on it! No need to print on letterhead! No second-guessing about what should and should not be in the letter because everything is indicated clearly on the permission slip.

Suffice to say, this is going to save everyone a whole lot of headaches.

About inahmedwetrust

Ahmed Tigani is a professional creative thinker / problem solver and life long resident of NYC. Topics of interest include urban planning, improv, US history, Mexican food and ESPN Page 2 column.
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