A new spin on Dumpster diving

In the depths of Brooklyn we find an oasis for the weary traveler a.k.a. workday survivor. 

At the center of this magical place you will not, however, find a flowing underground spring. Instead, your eyes take in a retired 40-foot metal container with a spring board. 

Its creation is the work of local pioneers who decided to use what we use when discarding trash as an answer on how best to get cool under a hot sun.  It’s reuse with an extra NYC edge.  Click below for the full story:


About inahmedwetrust

Ahmed Tigani is a professional creative thinker / problem solver and life long resident of NYC. Topics of interest include urban planning, improv, US history, Mexican food and ESPN Page 2 column.
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One Response to A new spin on Dumpster diving

  1. Doug says:

    An ingenius idea. I recycle everything possible, so I love this idea. It’s the ultimate in recycing.

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