What’s new in the warehouse – 6/29/09

Hello ladies and gentleman,

First I want to apologize for the lack of updates over the last 2 months but things are really cooking over here at the warehouse. Projects on our to-do list include:

*Expanding our floor space to accommodate more donations

*Getting ready for the 4th annual summer intensive “Creative Infusion” course (click here for more info http://www.mfta.org/event?filter=filter

*Through Reuse Alliance NYC  we’re collaborating with other reuse organizations to develop broader based sector improvements

*And as always – working through several channels to extend our reach to more donors and recipients

At the end we hope these changes will lead to enhancing the MFTA shopping experience. I look forward to bringing you more information as these projects develop.

In the mean time don’t forget to send us letters, pictures and/or video of pieces your organization have been working on.  Your success is what drives our desire to make MFTA a great NYC resource for the nonprofit arts community.

That’s all to report for now. Until next time guys – Keep it creative and keep it green


Ahmed Tigani, Direct Donations

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