Profile: Film Biz Recycling

A little bit about another great organization in the area. 

Film Biz Recycling will be celebrating the opening of their own space this month after already making a huge impact on the reuse world. While the organization came together Eva has made it a case to be front and center when it comes to helping find a solution for the culture of waste that exists in certain areas of the arts.


Some information from their director:
Since May of 2008, we have taken in donated set dressing from over 85 productions. We are proud that an estimated 90% the items taken in are donated to local charities, arts organizations and other non-profits, and are now delighted to showcase the remaining 10% at our open house.
Join us for wine and nibbles are you stroll the aisles of what was once potential landfill. These items, purchased for film, TV and commercials are now rentals – promoting reuse and potentially saving the next production the effort and expense of buying the same items again and again.
New York City not only has a new prop house, but an alternative to old habits and practices and a means to benefit the environment and the community.
More information at:
Eva Radke
Founder, President
Film Biz Recycling


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