Pianos, Pianos, Pianos

Lets talk about pianos. Last week an Office Express Reuse and regular email alert was sent out notifying our community about an upright Baldwin piano that was available. The response was overwhelming! At that point around the 23rd email I thought to myself “Do our recipients know we have pianos on Direct Donations all year round?”

Since so many of you are seasoned veterans of the DD system I now place blame squarely on the item itself. Pianos are one of those things on our listing that requires the most logistical effort to bring home to your studio/school/office/workspace.

While immensely useful and a great addition to any program it usually has a significant cost attached for pick-up and delivering. Some researching by one of our interns found that most reliable piano movers can be $300-450 on the low end. That number then changes when you factor in the number of stairs, distance, and any other obstacle that you might encounter. Not to mention that most pianos need to be tuned once it’s been received.  And with our donors we have the problem of time. Most are caught between a rock and a hard place due to time restriction like moving dates or space limitations. That kind of stress can cut options short, reducing the flexibly needed to make some of these donations happen.

However, when a group is finally able to pick up a usable piano it seems to justify all the effort, planning and scheduling involved and they are happy with the results. This week alone three new recipients have been able to make the process work and are now the proud owners of some serious music power.  Some donors have even been willing to chip in for the moving.

In conclusion – don’t give up on that dream of an upright for your dance troupe or a spinet for your choral group, a baby grand for your school or an organ for your outside nighttime abstract performance piece ( true story ) because when there is a will there is a way

About inahmedwetrust

Ahmed Tigani is a professional creative thinker / problem solver and life long resident of NYC. Topics of interest include urban planning, improv, US history, Mexican food and ESPN Page 2 column.
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One Response to Pianos, Pianos, Pianos

  1. Peter Caldeira c/o Pablo Neruda Academy says:

    Dear MFTA, thanks for the update. When we heard the news about an available piano, we were overjoyed. Our students have been studying music theory and have been enthusiastic about using their lunch period to practice but have had little chance because there are no available instruments. We would, therefore, love to be considered a recipient for this piano. Please let us know the next step in this process. Sincerely, Peter

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