Recipient Spotlight: Center for Urban Pedagogy

Center for Urban Pedagogy

Member since 2005


The Center for Urban Pedagogy is an organization that provides a forum for vital information concerning topics important to local communities and New York City at large. By creating partnerships between design professionals, government officials and public school students, they explore issues that are rarely discussed in such diverse groups and apply their skills to imagining new solutions for exploring our urban environment. Their mission comes from the belief that “the power of the imagination is central to the practice of democracy and that the work of governing must engage the dreams and visions of citizens”


CUP’s unique combination of urban / environmental policy and the arts seems to have a significant impact on both the creators and recipients. While students and artists are able to see their theories and conclusions realized through finalized visual aids (cartography, symbol representations, models and large scale installations) the target audiences benefit from being better informed by the information they receive. While reuse might not always be their main focus, the Center does seem to strongly encourage it among the creators they partner with. They have a portfolio of impressive examples by their artists using materials for things other than their original purpose. This approach to the principals of art and design is the key to their success in illustrating tough topics and making available hard to understand technical jargon for a broader audience.


We are proud to have CUP among our family of nonprofits who go out everyday to provide the people of our city with new avenues of expression. For more information on CUP or to get involved please contact them at:


Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP)

232 Third Street # B402B

Brooklyn, NY 11215

Phone: 718.596.7721



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